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Katie and Richard: A Tale of Wizardry

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On their way to school one bright May morning, two normal American fifth graders suddenly find themselves transported to an unfamiliar and magical world. Accompanied by a mouse, who may or may not be just a mouse, Katie and Richard must try to determine why they have been brought here, and how their arrival relates to the threat looming over their new home from sinister powers once thought safely locked away. Are they this strange world's only hope for survival? Will they survive to find out? It would help if they liked each other better, and if the only wizard they believe they can trust could find a way to stop his spells from turning everything into roses. And who is that walking around inside their heads every night?

"Well done! Like Harry Potter mixed with the Wizard of Oz." -- John Sexton, former chair, Young Adult Library Services Association committee on Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

"Over-the-top good!" --Zacharias O'Bryan,author of the YA fantasy novel Spirit Thorn

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon