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The Encyclopedia of Environmental Studies

"A readable, informative source that is highly recommended for public and undergraduate academic libraries." --Choice

For the first time, The Encyclopedia of Environmental Studies brings together all the terms from the many diverse disciplines and areas of knowledge concerned with the growing field of environmental studies and issues. The Encyclopedia is designed as a hands-on reference tool to aid all those seeking information on aspects of environmentalism, whether it be from professional need or general interest.

More than 3,000 entries from such wide-ranging disciplines as botany, economics, chemistry, ecology, biology, geography, and geology form basic points of access to what constitutes environmental science today. To complement these scientific terms, more general entries contain essential information - specific to the United States - on:

  • major environmental laws and regulations
  • structural descriptions of management and regulatory agencies, such as the Forest Service and the Environmental Protection Agency
  • major environmental organizations (e.g., the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, etc.), together with contact addresses
  • major events that have affected environmental laws and attitudes (e.g., Love Canal, Three Mile Island, etc.)
  • key individuals who have had a significant impact on the environmental movement (e.g., John Muir, James Watt, etc.)

Some 60 diagrams and tables are included to help promote greater understanding of scientific concepts and terms, and to depict the structure of key environmental organizations. A thorough bibliography provides an up-to-date overview of the scholarship and sources available on all aspects of environmental studies and issues, and the book is comprehensively cross-referenced and indexed.
--from the jacket


Hardback published by Facts on File, New York (1991); second edition in conjunction with Charles E. Little (2001)